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make me choose | alex-sheathes asked: lydia martin or summer roberts


serenate appreciation week | day one: the moment you started shipping them

"Oh, come on Nate, when have you ever been happy?"
"Wow, the gloves are off today, aren’t they?"
"Well, I am feeling frisky, you know how I get in the summer."
"Yeah, I do."
"Well, you won’t have to witness any of it. I’m locking myself away in the Hamptons house, it’s a summer to reflect alone."
"I could not agree more. I just need to take a break away from everything and everyone."
"Hey, if you wanna reflect alone together, I’ll be around."
"What are you up to now?"

call it magic, call it truth

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50,000 people on the Internet found my joke funny why aren’t you laughing mom


spencer hastings appreciation week: day 5 

one heart breaking moment - sparia 2x18


nate and serena appreciation week | day one - the moment you started to ship them

1x14, Bad News Blair.

I have to rant about why I started to ship Nate and Serena in this episode, in such a random scene. It was the first episode after the writers’ strike. I started watching Gossip Girl in 1x07 and I shipped (trust me) Dan and Serena. Not fiercely, but I did. I only watched the first seven episodes during the writers’ strike and I fell in love with their backstory. I hate abandoning ships so, even though I knew I liked Nate and Serena better, I held on to my DS shipping for a while.

HOWEVER, when 1x14 aired (after ages) I had already rewatched all the Nate and Serena scenes and when this happened it was BAM. OTP. One True Pair. They finally can talk to each other as friends again. They finally can be around each other but they still know each other SO WELL and she knows all his weak spots (aka her cute faces) and it just flows so naturally. You can sense they have known and loved each other their whole LIVES.

She’s also so glad that one of her UES friends finally aknowledges that Dan is good for her. You can see it means the world to her. And also Nate’s face. And also those Christmas lights and everything about this scene. I can’t. My OTP is flawless and this started everything.

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American Horror Story: Murder House

 A Summary